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However   In a country like India where the literacy rate of the minorities and the weaker sections is one of the few major indices of development, one is continuously witnessing the falling educational levels of these sections. Though largesse is bestowed upon certain minority educational institutions via the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, it should be noted that these are not able to reach a vast majority of deserving minority candidates intending to appear for various competitive exams; thereby instilling in them a feeling of being discriminated against and also of being left out from the mainstream of developmental process of the nation. This does not auger well for a country which is trying to carve out a niche for itself on the world stage as a major for economic power.

Coming down specifically to the issue of coaching centres for the educationally backward minorities in India, it needs to be mentioned that at present there are many coaching centres catering to this requirement in various colleges and universities in India. However, it must be pointed out that inherent defects in the implementation of the various educational projects, due to the generally lackadaisical approach of the concerned staff, has yielded an almost negligible result in the over-all scenario as far as the final results of the various competitions are concerned. The abysmally low ratio has only served to increase the number of 'deviants' away from the mainstream, thereby further weakening an already fragile social structure.

Due to the afore-mentioned circumstances, it is imperative that a proper and systematic coaching centre, catering to the needs of the minorities, is established. This has to be well-equipped with teaching aids and materials and has to have a dedicated staff who would serve the purpose of imparting coaching to its students with utmost care. The institute has to be equipped with good infrastructure for achieving conformity of work space and associated utilities. This is exactly what “Shah Homair Foundation”, located in “Nasima House”, West Gandhi Maidan, in the heart of Patna town, has set out to achieve since its inception in 2006.

Late Shah Homair, after whom the Centre is named, was essentially a technocrat who retired from a very senior position in top management of the Tata Company in 1961. He was also a visionary with a deep sense of concern for the minorities and weaker sections and touched a sensitive chord amongst his close associates, primarily being his three sons and a daughter. They have since its inception, been trying to further this noble vision of their late father by striving, and ultimately succeeding, in establishing “SHAH HOMAIR FOUNDATION”, which is being nurtured and nourished ever so lovingly by them.

In fact, the spirit of service to the cause of the nation runs in the family. Shah Homair’s eldest brother, Shah Zobair was a veteran freedom-fighter and an elected councillor at national level in the undivided Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa (Now Odisha). His younger brother Shah Umair was an M.P as well as ex- Parliamentary Secretary in Bihar. The youngest of the four brothers, Shah Zohair too was an eminent social worker who had been elected to the Bihar Assembly several times.

Dr. Shah Mohammad Imtiaz, the second son of Shah Homair, and ex-mayor, Borough of Cynon Valley, United Kingdom, has been the pioneer in this noble endeavor. True to his “son of the soil” image, he has been constantly highlighting the miserable plight of the minorities at various fora, especially in social and academic fields.

Imbued with the zeal of a missionary and the fervors of a crusader, Dr. Imtiaz has set out on the daunting and unenviable task of fulfilling the coaching requirements of the minorities and the weaker sections. A visionary to the core and unwavering in his attempts to fulfill, what for him is a sense of obligation towards his motherland, his contributions to various social causes are legion. It has been the constant endeavour of Dr. Imtiaz – who has also been conferred Lifetime Achievement Award by the Labour Party in U.K. – to build a solid infrastructure for coaching and guidance, so as to facilitate and fulfill the coaching requirements of the needy and deserving candidates.

Among the list of contributors who have made Shah Homair Foundation what it is today, Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi, retired IAS officer of the Bihar cadre, stands out for his more than commendable role. Dr. Ibrahimi has been associated with this foundation right from the very beginning and perhaps it won’t be far-fetched to say that the edifice of the foundation stands solely due to his selfless and relentless efforts.  

 “Shah Homair Foundation” was conceptualized to coach and guide minority students appearing for various competitive examinations, as well as different professional courses like. BBA, MBA, BCA, Advanced Courses in Computer.

And different skilled training under MSME scheme of Govt of India. Since its inception, it has been growing from strength to strength. Facilities such as mock- interview practice, objective / subjective tests conducted weekly, go a long way in enhancing the caliber of the candidates. And the Personality Growth and Development Programme of the Centre ensures that the student’s confidence level reaches its optimum. The management of the Centre, aided by a host of luminaries from the academic, social as well as political strata, have been doing a commendable job in ensuring that the Centre maintains its aura of academic excellence.

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